Specialized Training

Knights of the Imperial Reach endure a strict regiment of training. In response to the many dangers that threaten the safety of the Empire, all squires undertake one of seven disciplines.

“We are unity. Just as the Empire merges the kingdoms as one, so too shall our command unite our comrades. Through the courage of many, we stand as a testament to the Empire’s unfaltering strength.”

“We are the word of Imperial Justice. There shall be no escape, no safe haven, and no rest for those that tarnish the law of these merged kingdoms.”

“We are the voice and heart of the Empire. As long we stand, the merged kingdoms shall prosper for the good of all.”

“We are the hunters of ancient enemies. No Fae remains safe as long as we prowl the night.”

“We are the unwavering might of the Empire. Our shields are unbreakable and our blades ever sharp. No enemy shall threaten the unity that is the Empire so long as even one of us remains.”

“We are the pursuers of knowledge. Ours is the gift of learning that we spread freely to these merged kingdoms. In pursuit of that goal we shall forever look inward as well as out for secrets yet unraveled.”

“We are the seekers of truth. No darkness will conceal what we seek, for we are the bringers of light when all others are blind.”

Specialized Training

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